Spartans Cheerleaders

Spartans Cheerleaders
Team Number:1
Birth Date:01/01/2010

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The Michigan State Cheerleading squad is full of traditions and has a strong future. The MSU Spartans love to rile up their fans at each Spartan athletic game year round, such as football, volleyball and basketball. The Michigan State Spartan Cheerleaders are nationally ranked and hold a high level of pride for their school.

The MSU Cheerleaders can also be spotted at Alumni Association events, promoting the Spartan’s involvement in the community at charity events, as well as public relation events throughout the year. The MSU Spartan Cheerleaders are made up of two co-ed squads, which includes the Green squad and the White squad. The Spartan Cheerleaders only accept fun people with high energy to ensure success.

If you have an event coming up and you would like the Spartan Cheerleaders to attend, MSU gives you the option of a paid appearance. Anything from tailgate parties in the parking lot to Weddings, the Spartan Cheerleaders will be there. Check out an MSU Spartans football game to watch the Spartans Cheerleaders in action.

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