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Athletics are very important to the Michigan State University student body and to Michigan State alumni thus making Michigan State Spartans tickets a hot commodity. Coming to East Lansing for a sporting event is a one of a kind experience and you won't want to miss it. Be a part of Spartan mania, buy Michigan State Spartans Tickets today!

Michigan State Athletics  

Michigan State University is represented in NCAA Division-I athletics by the Michigan State Spartans. The 23 Michigan State Spartan Varsity Sports all compete in the Big 10 Conference, except for the Michigan State Spartans Hockey program which competes in the Central Collegiate Hockey Association. Under the leadership of Michigan State Athletic Director Mark Hollis, the Michigan State Spartan coaches and Spartan rosters are some of the most competitive in the Big 10 conference. The Michigan State Spartans Men's Varsity teams have won 8 national championships in 3 sports and hold several NCAA Conference titles.

Michigan State Name 

After changing the name of the university from Michigan State College of Agriculture and Applied Science to Michigan State University, school officials wanted to change the name of the MSU Athletic teams to a name that was more fitting than the Aggies. A local competition was held and the Michigan Staters was the winner, local sports writers in East Lansing, Michigan decided that the teams needed a more heroic and valiant name so they started referring to the school's teams as the Spartans. Within a few years Michigan State University officially changed the name of the sports teams to the Michigan State Spartans and changed the lyrics of the Michigan State Fight Song, "MSU Fight Song".

Michigan State Sparty Mascot 

Today Michigan State Spartans fans rally behind the schools mascot, Sparty. The honor of wearing the Sparty foam costume is given to an anonymous student who has to try out for the role. Despite rumors that this student is paid or given a full-scholarship, Michigan State Sparty is a volunteer position. For those students not lucky enough to be selected to be the Michigan State University Mascot, there are several places on and around the East Lansing campus that sell Green and White Michigan State Spartan jerseys and apparel.

Buy Michigan State Spartans Tickets

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