The Big Ten Conference is one of the most prestigous conferences in college sports.  Always one of the most competitive conferences in athletics, the Big Ten has a long history of success.  The intensity of college football in the Big Ten is as strong as anyone in the country. 

The Big Ten Conference is the oldest Division 1 athletic conference in the United States, established in 1896.  The 11 current members stretch from midwestern United States to Pennsylvania to the east coast.  The University of Nebraska has just agreed to become the 12th member, starting in 2011-2012.  The Big Ten Conference is responsible for some of the largest schools in the country and the biggest stadiums for college football games. 

Michigan State University is a proud member of the Big Ten Conference.  Spartan Stadium has been a fixture in the Big Ten Conference since it was built in 1923.  Each year the Big Ten has nationally ranked teams.  Don't miss your chance to see the Michigan State University Spartans compete against the tough opponents from the Big Ten Conference! Buy your tickets now!


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